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    Relationship breaking with calculation

      Hello All,


      I have a problem regarding my relationship;


      In my Menu table I have the following fields;


      Field NameTypeOption
      constantCalculationIndexed, = 1
      constant todayCalculationUnstored, = Get(Current Date)
      Materials Expiring TodayCalculation

      Let (

      [ AlertCount = Count ( Materials Expiring Today::MATERIALS ID MATCH FIELD ) ] ;



      AlertCount = 0;TextColor ("0" & " Material Expiring Today!";RGB(120;120;120));

      AlertCount = 1;TextColor ( AlertCount   &  " Material ¶ Expiring Today! ";RGB(0;136;0));

      AlertCount > 1;TextColor ( AlertCount   &  " Materials ¶Expiring Today! ";RGB(220;0;0))



      Global NumberNumber


      Warehouse Table Field Second Table Field


      Field NameTypeOption
      constantCalculationIndexed, = 1
      Material Expiry DateDateIndexed
      Material Quantity Balance
      Material Quantity UsedNumberIndexed
      Material Quantity ReceivedNumberIndexed


      In my Relationship for my TOC for my Portal


      MenuMaterial Expiring Today
      constant= constant
      Constant Today= Material Expiry Date
      Global Number< Material Quantity Balance


      My Problem is when I change my Material Quantity Balance into Calculation ( Material Quantity Balance, = Material Quantity Received - Material Quantity Used) because I don't want to enter every time my Material Expiry Date Alert will give me ( ?Materials Expiring Today). when I leave as it is (field type is Number) it will show me the count of materials.


      Any help how to avoid this is highly appreciated.


      Thank you