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Very simple subtotals

Question asked by dnechytailo on Oct 23, 2015
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Hello everyone.


I am new to FM Pro, so I bring my apologies if my question turns out simple and stupid...


Table 1: Companies:





Table 2: Loans:








Table 3: Currencies





I have a portal showing all loans per company based on Loans table (related to Companies through Comp_Code field):


Comp_Code          Loan_ID          Amount          Currency

AAA                       1                     100000           USD

AAA                       2                     50000             USD

AAA                       3                     200000           EUR

AAA                       4                     60000             EUR

AAA                       5                     300000           GBP

AAA                       6                     70000             GBP


All I want is to show subtotals of loans per Company by currencies in the bottom of the same layout (portal):


Total loans USD: 150000

Total loans EUR: 260000

Total loans GBP: 370000


I've played with calc fields and summary fields in multiple ways, but didn't get any good result.


I know it must be simple, but I am old Access user, which does not know all FM tricks so far


Rely on your help...


Thank you!