FMGo 14 Value Lists, Use Value From Field:  Blanks omitted, unSorted?

Discussion created by ScottBleackley on Oct 23, 2015
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FMGo 14 Value Lists, Use Value From Field: 


     • if I have a first field that is Empty ( and should be ) and the Second Field with a Value
          • the resulting Popup simply omits the record with the empty field.
          • This is a serious problem, should appear and return empty


     • The other issue here is Sorting
          • The only options are to sort by first or second field
          • ideally we want to use the arbitrary creation order, or the order they are displayed in the table, of the records in the related table.
               • How can this be achieved?


Finally with regard to the current known issue where the last item in a long value list cannot be selected.
     • the above two issues make it very difficult to create a value from field work around :  (


Any suggestions are most welcome.


Thank you