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    FMPUG - Dallas:  Chapter Meeting Nov 6, 2015:  Server Security


      Dear FM Users in Dallasr:


      This month's FileMaker Pro User Group meeting will be Friday, November 6th, 11am at the "Egg & I" restaurant, 15203 Knoll Trail Dr., Dallas, TX  75248. Meetings are are held monthly on the First Friday of each month. The meeting is free, but the food costs.


      Taylor Sharpe of Taylor Made Services will be our presenter this month and the topic is FileMaker Server Security. Come hear Taylor Sharpe walk through installing and securing a FileMaker server.  FileMaker Security Basics, External Authentication, SSL certificate install, Encryption at Rest, 2 Factor Authentication, etc.  These security measures and their setup will be demonstrated at the meeting.


      Future Meeting Dates and Presentations:


      11/06/2015 - FileMaker Server Security

      12/04/2015 - TBA

      01/08/2016 - TBA

      02/05/2016 - FMGo Development Utility  (Mike Beargie)

      03/04/2016 - TBA


      FMPUG Chapter Information and schedules are posted at http://www.fmpug.org/dallas



      FileMaker Pro Users Group (FMPUG)

      Dallas Chapter Coordinator