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    Problems importing a TXT file


      I am trying to import a flat text file with 2,638,062 records and 2479 characters per record, but the program stops at the record 898,457, I separate the file in thre parts but when I tried to import the second part Filemaker only imports the firs 19 records. How can I imported this file into my Filemaker file?

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          do you have a sample of the data? Without that it would be hard to give a recommendation. FileMaker isn't the best about importing fixed width formats.


          It sounds like you have a malformed record somewhere that is throwing off. I'd check around line 898455-460 where it's failing first.


          Out of the records that are imported, do they look right once they're in filemaker? If so then repairing the file is the best bet.

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            good advice, Mike! I've found that imports with unequal columns will fail as well (this might even be and extra end-of-line which makes a row with no columns).


            This file may not import into Excel, but I might do test imports to see if Excel can determine a problem that FM might not.


            If it's that large, I might try an import into MySQL, as it may handle the # of rows. And this may also tell you of any problems & where they occur. PHPmyAdmin is what I try to use for these imports, or any APP that has an 'interface' to MySQL.



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              I am trying to import the file as if it has only one big field, and then separate the different columns using Filemaker pro, I used and file editor program called Ultra Edit to verified that the information on the records close to the 898457 were correct and everything looks fine. I have imported files with more than 5 million records without problems. I will try Beverly's advice of using MySQL. Thank you for your advice.

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                Good advice for MySQL, but there's some overhead setting that up to use it, so definitely try excel first (or even something like open office). I use a program called Sequel Pro on mac that is worth it's price.


                I hate to say it too, but MS Access has a decent GUI for working with fixed width file imports.


                It still sounds like either a row delimiter is messed up, or the length of a row is messed up.