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    Auto populating table


      I'm creating a database for my baseball cards. I have successfully created a conditional values table for one field but now I'm trying to do that for another field. The problem with this is that I don't have all the information for the fields and so I'm currently building the table with the information that I do have, but if the occasion arrises I want to be able to just type in the field and it create a new record on the other table. I hope that I have not been too confusing.


      Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.37.57 PM.png

      Ok so in the above layout, I currently have conditional values set up for Sport and Team, I want to do the same for Manufacture and Brand. As I stated above I do not have all the information for the table that will be associated with Man & Brand. Is it possible to be able to be entering data in this layout and it be entering data that maybe missing in the a related table?

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          if I understood correctly, you should check the "allow entry of other values" in the inspector for that field.


          Put a trigger that fires when the field has been modified and go check if the value is an existing one in the base list, if not, create a record with it in the table the pop-up menu is based upon.

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            I'm not sure I understand. I currently have three tables. One is the baseball cards, one is the Sports, and the other is Manufacture. Sports and Manufacture are related to baseball cards and baseball cards gets its information from those two tables. What I'm trying to avoid is when I come to a card that its manufacture and brand are not entered in the Manufacture table, that I have to leave the Baseball Card table to go manually enter the information into the Manufacture table.