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FMS and Qualys scans

Question asked by Chue on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Chue

Anyone here have any insight on Port 5003 and Qualys scans? Specifically "SSL Server Diffie-Hellman passive listening attack Vulnerability" on port 5003.  As i understood it, port 5003 is specifically reserved for FMI usage.


We have Qualys scans and this came up. We are currently running FMS13 on a WinServer2008R2 server. I do have FMS14 ready to install. I just need to get a 3rd-party SSL cert first. Would the upgrade resolve this security issue?


Any info I can convey to the IT department to tweak the server network settings? If there is nothing i can do on my end, i can try to file for an exception?


Would installing a 3rd part SSL cert and upgrading to FMS14 resolve this issue? I have been searching and nothing has really come up.


Appreciate advice.