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    FMS and Qualys scans


      Anyone here have any insight on Port 5003 and Qualys scans? Specifically "SSL Server Diffie-Hellman passive listening attack Vulnerability" on port 5003.  As i understood it, port 5003 is specifically reserved for FMI usage.


      We have Qualys scans and this came up. We are currently running FMS13 on a WinServer2008R2 server. I do have FMS14 ready to install. I just need to get a 3rd-party SSL cert first. Would the upgrade resolve this security issue?


      Any info I can convey to the IT department to tweak the server network settings? If there is nothing i can do on my end, i can try to file for an exception?


      Would installing a 3rd part SSL cert and upgrading to FMS14 resolve this issue? I have been searching and nothing has really come up.


      Appreciate advice.