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Question asked by Kaps on Oct 24, 2015
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I have a calculated field which correctly computes the age next birthday of a person. I want to allow the user to find those records where for example the age next birthday is between 50 and 70. I have assumed that the user has no knowledge of filemaker whatsoever, so he is guided by scripts.


The first button the user presses activates a script that puts the user in FIND mode.


The user can then enter say >50 to specify the first request,


The user can then press a button to specify a new request.


He can then enter <70 to specify the second criteria.


He then presses a third button to perform the find.


However the results returned are not correct.


If the user enters only a single request e.g find those above 50 then I get the correct answer. However multiple requests do not seem to get me the correct answer.


Can anybody help ? Thanks


kind regards