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I looking for a Print/Preview script step

Question asked by rtolliver on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by mattel

I have a script that runs when users want to print a report, works fine. Recently a few users have asked for the ability to preview some or all of the report's pages.  My question is what script step/s do I need to add to my current script?


Current Script:

Go to Layout ["Inventory 3" (To7Inventory)]

Perform Script ["Inventory 3 Script"]

Adjust Window [Restore]


Print Setup [Restore; No Dialog]

Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

Show Custom Dialog ["Print Report?"; "Do you want to print this report?"]

If [Get (lastMessageChoice) = 1]

    Perform Script ["Inventory PrintDate"]

    Print [Restore: Andy & Bill LaserJet P3010 Series; No Dialog]

End If


Unsort Records

Show All Records

Enter Browse Mode


Go to Layout ["Reports" (Interface_table)]