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Quick Search scripting question.

Question asked by Rackman on Oct 23, 2015
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I just upgraded to FMP 14 and am having trouble with what I'm sure is a simple script (I am not proficient in script writing at all).


I've created a Quick Search field and would like to perform a quick search on any query entered into it throughout my database.


The following script works accept it also includes the record I was in when I perform the search, even though that record may or may not actually meet the entered search criteria.


How can I modify my script to perform a brand new search and not include the record I'm currently in unless it were to match my search criteria?


Perform Quick Find [ IFO Contact Management::Quick Search ]

Sort Records [ No Dialog ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]

Set Field [ IFO Contact Management::Quick Search ; "" ]



Thanks in advance for any suggestions.