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Container Field options ll

Question asked by Scorpion167 on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by keywords

I'm having some difficulty understanding Container fields options for external storage. I have asked several container field questions of the community and received very good responses but the problem I've found is due my the lack of product experience, I've not been asking the right questions.


I created my database with two tables (Confirm_tbl, Inventory_tbl) that each have two container fields (Pic1, Pic2). The container fields were created without option for external storage, all pictures used in the database are stored externaly.


The attached screenshot is of the script used to take the existing pathname to populate the container fields, all records were updated with 2 pictures. After using the script I thought the pathname would be maintained.


I now have an intermittent problem with the picture display for each record, sometimes they display and times they don't.


When reviewing "Manage Containers" there is only one directory for the local main database.


I need to fix this but I'm not sure how.