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FMPA license bug building/editing data separation, why?

Question asked by bigtom on Oct 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2015 by bigtom

One thing I discovered about building a solution with data separation that no one ever seemed to mention is that if you want to access the data file and UI file at the same time you need two client licenses. What seems to happen is the license is passed through the UI file and the data file see two of the same license from from two sources and shuts down all files and closes the app for a license conflict even though access is only from one machine.


I would call this a serious bug that should be fixed.


The relevant parts of the EULA section 1.a

"You may install and use only one copy of the Application on a single computer at a time.

...You may not use or run more than one instance of the Software from the same operating system (e.g., using  virtualization or other technologies) at the same time.

...You are prohibited from using the Application with any middleware, application server, CGI, or other software or technology that allows more than a single client to access any database, except as expressly permitted under Sections 1(a) or 1(f)."

So only one copy is installed on one computer, only one instance is installed and running on the OS, there is no attempt to get more than just the one single client to access the database. Why is there a license conflict at all? There isn't one.

Yes you can work through this continuing to open and close one or the other file, but that is the slower option. If you want to have access to all the FMPA tools in both files you need two separate licenses. It would be nice if FM could figure this out. As a developer you really should have access in this way as the software is only installed once and only being used by one user. They just need a way to verify the actual machine is the same to keep people from using one license to access many copies of UI files with one license.