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Ironing out issues since server and 3 seat purchase

Question asked by AaronSchell on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

One of our clients wanted to move off a terminal server hosted by a company that kept dropping the ball support wise. We were already providing IT support and now we are providing hosted terminal server support. One of their requirements was that File-maker be installed in some fashion as they have a file they use to make some calculations.


I spoke with a File-Maker Sales rep who advised that we would need a license for the server, and 3 separate seats for the users who would be accessing the file.


Server installed, clients installed.


I have a couple issues, its almost like the clients are still referencing the file on the old servers and not ours so any changes are getting updated on the file on our server.


One user is also getting errors:

sometimes when she opens the file she gets - This File has been improperly closed, checking for consistency...


Othertimes she gets this error when she opens the file - 'File-Name' is a shared file. Opening a sharedfile directly from a remote volume will reduce performance and can affect reliability. You should instead Share the file by opening it with filemaker software on the same computer where the file is stored on disk. You can open the file remotely from your computer using the Open Remote command. Do you want to open this file?

then it gives me three options: open without sharing, open, cancel


Im just having multiple issues where I need some assistance ironing out.


Help please.~