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Not getting full Value List in Line Items Portal drop down field

Question asked by jbroderick57 on Oct 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by siplus

I've searched all over and can't find this problem solution.


I'm making a demo file for a potential customer and I want to show her the easy lookup of a product via the dropdown.  It's a simple invoice type form for taking a phone order.


I'm on an Invoice based layout with a portal to LineItems.  I am keeping the format the same as they have it for their product #, which they call computer code.


It's basically a mnemonic style - CB = description of Cherry Butter, for example.


When I choose the drop down field which shows the computer code, and that's what they would select on, it only shows about 12 of the roughly 80 items that are listed in the Products file. 


They would also type this code in and I notice that when I type this in, it also fails to show the product description as it will on the 12 items that show in the drop down.


I have established the relationships for Customer--->Invoice<------->LineItems<---->Products.


I've used this same design and not had a problem, although in this relationship graph, I have created a relationship between LineItems::Computer Codes = Products::Computer Codes, as opposed the normal way I would have done LineItems::_fk_Product_ID = Products::_kp_Products_ID.


The fields on the portal are


LineItems::Computer Codes (the drop down with a value list based on the field Products::Computer Codes)



LineItems::Extended Price


No filters are active on the portal. What am I missing here?