Batch importing PDF files

Discussion created by yomango on Oct 26, 2015
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Hello. I read a 2012 forum by PhilModJUnk where he suggests the use of a script to import a batch of fies. I am stuck on the: Substitute ( Get ( DocumentsPathListing ) ; Get ( DocumentsPath ) ;  "/C:/Users /MAURO/Documents/InsertFileFolder/" ) Is the last part written correctly? He suggests creating and naming a folder in Documents as  InsertFileFolder and creating another folder on the desktop and name it FileArchive. He suggests that by running the script  "

The button's script will move all files from InsertFileFolder to FileArchive and insert references to the files in their new location in FileArchive.

cTaskID extracts the last 11 characters of the file's name to use as an ID to link to records in the Task Records table".

But I can't get the step Set Variable($Doclist;Value:Substitute ( Get ( DocumentsPathListing ) ; Get ( DocumentsPath ) ;  "" ) where, I think, I have to insert the document path between the quotes.

I am trying to import several PDF documents into a container field (one record per document) by using Import/Folder but there isn't an option for PDFs, only audio, pic and text documents.

I will appreciate some help