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    How set tab order... function on Webdirect 14 in mobile browsers


      Hi, just try hardly on seeing the limitation on using webdirect 14. I must say there are lots of good findings and also some areas that looking for some good fine tuning before can heavy sell it to users.


      Since Weddirect 14 be announced as mobile browser friendly, I am excited on finding use case for my users. I found that the set tab order does not behave as expected so far in mobile browsers, I just can make it follow the order I want it to be. But on desktop browser, it generally be okay in my testing browsers.


      Any tips on doing this right is welcome.


      Apart from that, I found the network latency have huge impact on user experience especially on using webDirect in iPad or iPhone. I can see the browser be very easy on getting into wait sate (with the loading sign showed) before seeing the screen loaded. It can be 1 or 2 mins and sometime it even get timeout. I doubt users are willing to wait for that long. Is getting quite easy to reach the limit? Would someone share your findings with me?







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          my tip is to not use tabs, especially on mobile browsers. Either use separate layouts or do a long form view that allows a user to scroll down the page.


          This is more on par with mobile design than it is just a preference. Take a look at any list -> form type app for iOS and the tab object doesn't even exist.


          Latency is usually hand in hand with your ISP. Unfortunately not much you can do aside from upgrading your internet connection. If you want to test for this there's a number of filemaker hosting companies that offer a free trial. You could throw your file up pretty quick and test it out on another service provider to see if it is indeed your internet connection.

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            Thanks Mike,


            Your suggestion are good and I agreed much on these.


            The actual problem I wanted to highlight here is the tagging order is not following well in iOS browsers (e.g Safari and Chrome). It works fine in FMP and desktop browsers.


            It's an issue related to webdirect on mobile browser. We may need to file this case to FileMaker.