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VIN Decode on Go

Question asked by Tom_Droz on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Tom_Droz


I am trying to decode a VIN bar code on a vehicle using FileMaker Go.


The built in function in FM14 isn't working, though I was able to get it to work in a couple situation, but real world testing the scanner could not pick up the code.


So I am wondering 2 things.


1) Has anyone else tried this and found a solution?

2) Is there a way to take a photo of the number (not the bar code) and then extract the number from the image in to a text field?


This would all have to work on go so no plugins.


Previously I had tried to do this with the insert from URL using ShopToGo, or (something like that).  This was not a workable solution for me either.



Any thoughts?