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    VIN Decode on Go



      I am trying to decode a VIN bar code on a vehicle using FileMaker Go.


      The built in function in FM14 isn't working, though I was able to get it to work in a couple situation, but real world testing the scanner could not pick up the code.


      So I am wondering 2 things.


      1) Has anyone else tried this and found a solution?

      2) Is there a way to take a photo of the number (not the bar code) and then extract the number from the image in to a text field?


      This would all have to work on go so no plugins.


      Previously I had tried to do this with the insert from URL using ShopToGo, or (something like that).  This was not a workable solution for me either.



      Any thoughts?




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          Hosted or stand alone?

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            Peter, good question  It is hosted, But ideally I would like the vin to decode locally without having to use the server scripting

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              I have developed a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcode scanning app with FileMaker Go (mobile stand-alone). I was able to use the built-in feature in FileMaker Go. Then I expanded it using Barcodes Pro PDF417 to scan Massachusetts Inspection Stickers, which better suited my client's needs for tracking vehicles on their property.

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                Hi Steve

                Can you scan the VIN and get the VIN number from it?


                If so, any tips? I have it set up to do it but maybe because o the width and how far away you have to be or some other reason, it isn't working (I can scan lots of other things and it returns the number so I know I have the script correct)




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                  Tom_Droz which barcode are you scanning? The one on the inside of the driver's door frame or the one on visible through the windshield that some vehicles have, but others don't? I know there are others available elsewhere on the vehicle too. I think my car has one on the rear driver's door frame too, which is smaller. The one through the windshield is near impossible due to the glare and just the position. When I go outside, I will can scan the one inside the driver's door and let you know my suggest rate.


                  Below or attached is an image of my UI for the app I developed. It gives the ability to either can the inspection sticker with a PDF417 barcode that I needed extra software for, or the VIN on the vehicle. In Massachusetts, there is a lot of useful information embedded in the Inspection Sticker's barcode, such as: VIN, Make, Year, License Plate, Registration Type, Registration State, Date the Sticker Expires, Date the Registration Expires, and the Inspection Sticker Number. Once I have this information, I have a script setup to go to a website to obtain: the Model, Trim Level, and Style.



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                    Hi Steven

                    I am trying to scan the VIN on the car door.


                    I also looked up random photos online of VIN and tried to scan them as well.  A couple worked, but the rest failed.


                    I agree, trying to do the VIN through the windshield has too  many issues (glare, availability)


                    Are you saying using the insert from device, using the bar code setting just works for you?  It doesnt work in any reliable way for me....

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                      Tom_Dro, I was able to scan the VIN barcode on my Acura reliably. I did have to check the length of the VIN barcode and use the Right ( filename, 17 ) to reduce it to 17 characters.

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                        I get nothing

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                          I just emailed a scaled down version of my Vehicles database.

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                            What device are you using? I have found that the older iOS cameras are not as good as the newer ones at picking up barcodes. With the iPad2 I have to rotate to landscape to be able to scan a code 39 barcode that is 3 inches wide and it takes a while. With iPad Air2 I can do it in portrait no problem. The new camera in the iPhone6 plus is even faster.


                            At first i thought the issue was FMGo but after upgrading to better hardware it was clear what the problem was. More ambient light helps as well.

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                              Hi bigtom


                              Im using the 6 plus

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                                Tom_Droz wrote:



                                Im using the 6 plus

                                That is interesting.

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                                  Were you able to find a reliable solution?

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                                    No I havent