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    Turn off Launch Center


      Is there a way to turn off the launch center?


      When working with files on the server, for me, the launch center is unhelpful.  Each time I have to hit the browse button to get to what Im  looking for.   Is there a way to turn this 'helpful' feature off?




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          Start FM by double-click on the attached ?

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            I have a 100 files I manage on the server, sometimes I open them hosted, sometimes unhosted.   The old way of browsing is best.  I don't want a 100 icons, windows already as a very good solution for finding and opening a file, it is browsing lol.


            FM creates a new interface, which is fine, but I should have to close their interface every time I want to get to browse

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              I don't quite get it.

              My launch center is set to open like this, and if I want to browse I click on 1), if I want to Remote... i click on 2).

              What do you exactly miss ?

              Pasted Image 26.10.15 14:42.png

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                I want to browse 99% of the time.   Now I have to close that window every time.  Yesterday alone I closed it 50 times?


                Thus my question, is there a way to disable or turn off that screen so it dosent come up?

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                  When you launch FileMaker, everytime it appear, but you can ignore it, Ctrl+Alt+o to open browse dialog over it.

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                    I'm working primarily with local files and still find this an intrusion. I find the default Mac OS Open DBox considerably more useful (especially since Favorites and Recents already exist in the File menu)

                    I can't imagine why this was added, and sure hope this doesn't forbode a change in upcoming Mac system software.

                    For now, I only wish there was a preference option to skip this extra step.

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                      I developed a solution for the boarding school I work for, which we host on our own FMServer.  We only have 42 students. We have one database. We don't need a huge window for our one little icon. We don't even need the icon. We are already clicking on an icon in the dock. For clients with only one simple DB, it's really overkill, freaks people out and wastes time. When are you going to give us a preference to turn it off for those of us who don't need it?


                      When the Launch Center opens our Server asks for my password, then when I click on the one icon in the Launch Center I have to put my password in again. I have to click Cancel and Done to get rid of those two windows so I can open my database the easy way, by going up to File and clicking on Open Recent, or Open Favorite in the drop down and have to put my password in only once. People are more used to opening things that way.


                      I appreciate what might be handy for some clients, but don't force it on everyone, please let us still have some control and customization to meet our different needs.

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                        You can launch "database" instead of "FileMaker program" to skip launch center, making the short cut of database anywhere.

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                          Thank you for the suggestion, user19752. However:

                          I've created opener files for people in the past. Aside from the inconvenience of having to do this for each user, when they somehow misplace the icon from their desktops they are lost on how to open the database any other way. It does not seem a solution that would be easier than simply having the option to disable the launch center.

                          We host it on our own server and I am able to access it remotely from anywhere so I also tried to create an .inetloc file. But when I put the hosted database path in the bar, dragged the world icon from Safari to the desktop and clicked on it I got a does-not-exist.

                          Am I missing some other way you know of to "launch 'database' instead of 'FileMaker program' to skip launch center" when the program is not already open on the user's computer? Along with individual computers we have some shared computers with individual faculty desktops that, for security reasons, are completely logged-off and shut down when not in use. I'm hoping I'm stupidly missing something obvious and easy.



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                            Here, here- down with the launch center. It is redundant and intrusive.

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                              I wonder how difficult to make short cut on Mac. On windows, right click on any place then select "make short cut" and type the url, end.


                              Sorry I don't have mac now.


                              If you open the file in a FMP, you can send url using a menu

                              File>Send>Link to database

                              then users may be able to drag&drop the link in the mail to create short cut.


                              There is note that database name is case sensitive and space should be escaped as %20.


                              If user have many instance (version) of FM installed, problem of using fmp: url is user can't select which FM to run.

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                                Thank you for the reply user19752, though I did not understand all of it. It's very easy to create shortcuts on a Mac. We all have shortcuts. We only have one instance of FMP14 on each computer, and one database. Users with the software installed use Remote access, and some of our users who don't have the software installed on their computers use Web Direct. Accessing through Web Direct is not a problem.


                                For Remote access, however, it's the opening of the software itself that brings up the Launch screen. The software program has to be open to use the database with it no matter the shortcut. As long as the FileMaker Pro program is "Open" on the computer (not "Quit") one can reach the database a number of ways. One can close the database itself by choice, (or if we lose connection, which happens sometimes) and the software program will remain open as long as the computer remains on. One simply logs back into the database.


                                But, if the user "Quits" the software program (not just the database) or shuts down the computer (not just puts it to sleep)  the software has to reopen, whether by choice or set to open on computer start-up, which opens the Launch screen. Other than creating an Opener File (another FileMaker file with no fields, just script) for every computer, there seems no way to bypass the Launch.


                                Perhaps you never completely shut down your computer and the software programs you use most are always open. Here, for security reasons, we never leave things open when we walk away from the computer, even for password protected things. It would just be easier and allow for more customization to allow us to disable the Launch screen in Preferences for those of us who don't need it. It seems such a small thing to ask, to have a choice.

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                                  I believe that others may understand better, the behavior of previous versions of FileMaker (prior to 14):


                                  • Open FileMaker (the app) & show the FileMaker Quick Start dialog by default.

                                  • This can be "disabled" (per user) by unchecking "Show this screen when FileMaker Pro opens" at the bottom of the dialog.

                                  • This dialog can be "opened" again by selecting "Quick Start Screen" under the "Help" menu. Re-check the box to show the dialog by default again.


                                  So "turn off" may not be the proper term, rather "toggle" Launch Center by the same methods as used previously for the Quick Start dialog.


                                  Or personally, I'd like to see this in the Preferences (which are user specific). I don't necessarily need this 'scripted', but others may have this desire.


                                  Has this request been added to the Ideas?



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                                    Well, I wouldn't go that far. I think Tom_Droz (the original poster) had the right idea when he said it's overkill for some users, and they should have an easy way to toggle it off. But I can see where it would be helpful for other people who'd appreciate being able to leave it on. I myself use "Browse" most of the time, but I also make use of the "Favorites" feature about 20% of the time, tho I'm still trying to figure out how to get a no-longer-favorite icon out of that list. I'd also like to be able to delete (or at least demote) temporary files (clones, backups, demos, and the like) from the "Recent" collection.

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