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FileMaker 11 escape merge variable characters

Question asked by philipHPG on Oct 27, 2015
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I'm working with FileMaker 11 and in one layout I want to explain some codes that are used in a text field. The codes can include the characters #, @, / or :. In my examples I attempt to use the literals "##" and "@@". However FileMaker very kindly interprets those as merge variable and substitutes those for the page number and record number when in Browse mode. So how can I force FileMaker to display a literal "##" or "@@" instead of interpreting those as merge variables for page number and record number? I've tried using the escape character (\), but that doesn't seem to have any effect.


We are looking at upgrading to FileMaker 14 before too long and so that will probably resolve the problem, but in the meantime, is there a way in FileMaker 11?