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    Displaying Multiple different "Found Sets" in a Layout


      Hi all -


      I have a question that I can't seem to figure out. I've posted a question before and you guys were great with helping out with it!


      I'm pretty new to Filemaker, yet I've watched videos on working it and have what I initially want built out. I'm just a bit stuck at this one part though. A little background: I'm doing a database for a casting company and I now have a Layout built where I can pull Job Info from a Global Field created, and Filter my Talent through several fields I created; Age Range, Body Type, Ethnicity, Special Skills, etc. This Layout is meant to use the Find option so I can cast for specific sets of people. i.e. If I search for Age Range 18-25, it'll pull through my Talent DB and list all my 18-25 year olds in a found set.


      From there, I want to pull these records from the 'Found Set' and List them in another Layout essentially. For each role, I'd like to do this and add it to that one, single layout. This way, when I cast for...8 roles, I can have all those that I've found in the found sets listed in one layout so I know who I can email to cast for a job.


      I understand that the new layout will already have my found set inside the layout for me to view when I input what fields I need in there, yet what do I do when I want to input the remaining 6 roles? i.e. If I have Role 1 - Hipsters..I do my Find and I get 35 people from my Talent Database that qualify. I want these 35 people to be in that New Layout with Heading 'Role 1 - Hipsters'. Under the Found Records for 'Role 1', on the same Layout, I'd like to put 'Role 2 - Business', and I'd do a search for these people and list these 'Found Records' under 'Role 2- Business'. Then...Role 3...Role 4..etc.


      Is this something that is possible? Thank you for your help!!


      Here's what my Relationships and my layout with the filters looks like.


      Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.53.46 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.54.04 PM.png

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          What does this new layout represent?  In the end it appears to be a report or should it be a join table and new entity.  Is this final report for a specific job.  IOW (and I'm just guessing) someone calls you and says they are shooting a commercial.  They need Hipsters, business men, twin girls.

          You then want to produce a set of found records of Hipsters, then a found record of business men, then a found set of twin girls, all on the same report, that you can save so that you can send it, follow up, etc.

          Am I on the right track?

          If so then think of this new join table as LineItems for a SpecificRole (Invoice).  LineItems draws from Products (RoleTypes-your hipsters, business men, etc.) via by calculation or lookup.  I would think your RoleTypes Table should have attributes for each person (hipster, business man, etc.).  Then you can perform finds on the RoleTypes, one by one or together, flag them and drop them into SpecificRole (LineItems).

          Let me know if I'm in the ballpark or way off.  Either way other can chime in.

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            Correct! Thanks Steve. That is what I'd ideally like to do. It'll eventually be presented in a report that I can print out.


            When I have it displayed on this layout..I essentially will email all of those that I have listed in the 'found set' for each role to see if they're available on the shoot date. If they are not available, i will take them off of this report/layout.


            Let's see. In the relationship table screenshot I sent above, I'm still a bit confused on that logic that you mentioned. My 'Talent' table has all the attributes that I can filter by; Hipster, Business, Age Range, Ethnicity, etc. I see that you mentioned Right now, I'd perform finds on that Table, on a separate Layout 'Role 1'. How would I 'flag them' and drop them into Specific Role? Let's say I have 45 people that qualify for this role, and I want to move them all over to the report, and then i'll go to next role 'business' and I do my find with 30 business people, I want to drop them in that same layout. I guess I'm just not sure how to 'drop them' there. The fields I'd like to keep on that report are just First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email.


            I appreciate your response Steve!

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              There's two ways that come to mind.

              Try this manually.  Easiest would be to perform a find for the first group of people.  Then enter find mode, check the attributes or enter into fields for the second group of people.  Instead of hitting 'Perform Find', go into the top dropdown menu  under 'Requests' and select 'Extend Found Set'.  If you go to a layout based on the same Table Occurance, and make that a report layout, the sub-summary report can be sorted by Role.  When you sort by the sub-summary field you will get something that looks like:

              Businessman (this is the sorted by sub-summary part)

                 Mike Jones

                 Bob Smith

                 Dennis Williams  (the names are in the body part)


                 Cool Hand Luke

                 Peace Jenkins

              etc. etc.

              And this could be scripted


              A harder method would be to use the Virtual List Technique and compile the list the same way.  If you want to check out this method, just google Virtual List Filemaker.  There are plenty of examples and sample files.

              Here's a few: