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    Driver License scan


      Can anyone provide guidance on scanning a driver's license to obtain the customer name, address, city, and zip code into FileMakerGo
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          Do the licenses have a magnetic strip? Or are they printed only? Unfortunately the differences from state to state make this a fairly frustrating process.


          If it's a mag strip, you can get a stripe reader that acts like a keyboard, dumps the scan result into a text field, and trigger a script that parses out the results.


          Not sure if the credit card stripe readers will work for you. You might need to get a lightning to USB adaptor and use a generic USB stripe reader.

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            Hi Mike

            I am mostly looking for Florida and NY decoder

            They have a bar code of some sort on the license.  My goal is a FileMaker go solution without additional hardware...


            Thanks for the ideas


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              If there's a barcode on both, just try using Insert From Device, selecting a type of barcode, and sticking the result into a text field. If you sample that with a simple test database you should be able to see the result of the barcode and if you can decode it. All native filemaker without the need for a dongle or really any special work.


              Driver's license barcodes are usually in some kind of 2D barcode format. I personally haven't worked with this format so I'm unsure it's supported. But given that GS1 / QR codes are supported it's definitely worth a try.


              Worst case, you might have to take a picture, and send it to some sort of API for decoding. It's still possible, but will require some heavy lifting. I'd definitely toss together a quick sample file playing around with insert from device to see if it gets you where you need.

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                Don't know if this helps you, but my Georgia license comes across as CODE-128.

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                  Most drivers license barcodes are PDF-417, which FileMaker Go does not scan with the built-in Insert From Device script step. Having a Bluetooth scanner will probably give you better scan performance, but if you really want everything in one device, you can look for an iOS app that scans PDF-417 and can interact with FileMaker Go via a URL handshake.