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    Send mail confirmation



      I,m working on a script using send mail. I need the script to time stamp in a field if the send mail is successful and the user does not cancel.

      I used error capture and the debugger hoping to capture error 1 or 1506 to determine the send mail outcome. Neither error occurred if I cancelled my email (OS X 'Mail'.). Is there another way?



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          Use an email plugin and control the email sending directly from outlook. AFAIK what you're trying to capture (error code 1 - user cancelled action) is only available inside of filemaker, and doesn't link back once the blind email command is sent to your email program.


          Using a plugin with a send button inside of filemaker gives you complete control over the email process. There are plenty of plugins that support SMTP sending.

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            Once you send out the mail data to an external Mail program, it is beyond the reach to catch an error.

            If you mail directly from a server, then you can catch errors, except error 1 because the user cannot cancel.

            So you need to add a script step to request confirmation from the user, then send it via an SMTP server.