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Best find and sort efficiency in a server environment

Question asked by Stu412 on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by bigtom

Hi there


I'm rolling out my solution to clients with the main FM database stored on FM13.  A network with 10GB switches will provide the link between the two.   The server is a virtualised machine and set up to deliver more than is needed.  It's not used for anything else besides FM.


I need to ensure that the user experience is snappy, particularly when moving from one layout of data to another layout of data, but for the same customer.  I have a main data table which has around 70,000 rows, requires lots of summaries and case calculations.  Much of the data is warehoused overnight to a number-only table, to make page loads quicker and many reports are based from here.  However, I still need to load some summary data from the main live table and this is what slows things down are where I need some help.


In one example, of the 70,000 rows, I only actually need to load around 18.  I limit my searching first by customer (to get around 400 rows) then by row type to get to the 18 or so I need.  This is done on a script with an initial find, followed by a constrain to further find the type.


Is this the most efficient way to get to the 18 rows I need?  It feels right, ie minimising the found set before sorting, but I may have missed something fundamental as I've not got too much experience with the FM server environment.


Thanks in advance guru's and wise ones.