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Filemaker asking for credentials for a related database

Question asked by cfawcett09 on Oct 27, 2015
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I have two different databases that are hosted on the same Filemaker Server.  I have set up a relationship between one table in database 1, and one table in database two.  This allows certain fields to autopopulate based on a lookup function.  All of that works great, but recently we are having the problem where when it tries to do the lookup, it asks for the credentials for the related database.  I have tried everything i can think of, i have tried opening the related database in hidden in the startup script for the first database, but it still asks for credentials, I have tried having it automatically log in with the guest credentials when it is opened, but this generates the problem where when someone is trying to open that database to actually make records, it wont allow them to because it automatically logs in as guest.


Is there any way to set it such that in my startup script for the primary database, it will open the related file with a certain set of credentials (in this case, guest credentials), but when i try to access the related database normally, it still asks for credentials?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.