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    ODBC Data Source Missing


      I have FMP Advanced 14, 32-bit, installed on my Windows 7 Pro workstation and I'm trying to get ODBC working again.


      I successfully installed the 32-bit driver a month or so ago and it was working fine. Not any longer.  The ODBC Administrator (yes, I'm using the 32-bit flavor) kept telling me to reinstall the driver.


      I tried the "repair" option within the installer, but that did nothing.  I uninstalled the Filemaker ODBC driver and reinstalled it.  Now when I go into the ODBC Administrator and try to "add" a data source, Filemaker does not show up.  Yep, ODBC is turned on in Filemaker Server.  And yep, I rebooted just to be sure.  And no, I haven't tried a bigger hammer ... yet.


      Any ideas? 

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          I finally got the ODBC working, but I'm getting the "Filemaker (212) No Such Account" error.  I have an excel spreadsheet that links to a filemaker table.  It was working just fine a week ago.


          How do I get around this error?

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            Thank you for your posts.


            If you got the ODBC working, should I assume you clicked Test to verify it was correctly configured to access the database?  If you didn't click Test, go through the ODBC Data Source Administrator again and verify each step.  If the test still returns an account error, make sure:

               1. The database file is hosted and available

               2. The FileMaker account uses a privilege set with the extended privilege Access via ODBC/JDBC

               3. FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro host application has been set up for sharing via ODBC/JDBC


            Keep me updated with any progress.



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