[ANN] FileMaker Fanatics E004 is live! [XPOST]

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Oct 27, 2015

Hi All,

FileMaker Fanatics - E004 - Credit Cards, Microsoft Word, and more... is live!

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In this episode of FileMaker Fanatics, John Morina, Marianne Carroll, Scott Rose, Aaron Schacht, and Tony White talk about CardSwipe, credit card technology, using the FMP URL Protocol for inter-application communication on iOS, integrating with Microsoft Word, and the often overlooked "View as Table" feature.
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Easy feed your FileMaker fanaticism.

Logistical update: In the tradition of FileMaker Academy - YouTube  and FMI webinars, we do not yet have an RSS feed (still on my to do list).

You can subscribe to our the FileMaker Fanatics Youtube channel, or watch for announcements here or on Twitter Tony White (@tonywhitelive) | Twitter.

I moved the hosting of the audio files to who does an automatic transcoding of the recommended, uploaded .aiff file. From that maximum quality file, automatically produces 9 files. The .mp3 file that they produced for E004 is larger that I expected and I might go back and do a smaller version in the future.


For now, I want to ship what we have, and find some free time to read the suggestions in the new and awesome Product Ideas area.




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Tony White