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    Filemaker Go 14 Crash


      Product and version - FileMaker Go 14

      OS and version - iOS 9

      Description -

      I have a filemaker 13 Pro file which has worked fine on filemaker 13 Go on the iPad. But recently I switched to Filemaker 14 and this file now starts crashing as soon as I enter a value for a field which never had any problems before. I tried recovering the file, but the report said it did not have any errors and the recovered file also crashes on Filemaker Go 14, on the iPad. The file works fine in Filemaker Pro 14.

      I looked at the scripts around about where the crash occurs but it is just a simple move to field script.

      Please let me know anything I can do to fix this.

      How to replicate - open file and try to select value from the drop down

      Workaround - none so far

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          Thank you for your post.


          Are you able to manually enter a value into the field without the use of the script?  If you created a new script (do not duplicate), do you still crash?  If you create a new layout with a new instance of the field and execute the script, do you still crash?



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            I have now been able to resolve this, the offending script was a Go To Field command set on the field exit action.

            I don't understand why this would cause it to crash. Would it be because of a tab order that already existed on that field and when a script was set on the same field to move to the next field, it caused a crash?

            So the situation was field 1 had a script on object exit that used a Go To Field command to go to the next field 2, and at the same time there was a tab order from field 1 to field 2.