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Locked out of my database!

Question asked by GregoryLypny on Oct 28, 2015
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I recently got a new iMac for home, and when I transferred a Filemaker Pro file to it from my iMac at work, I am prompted for a username and password when I try to open it. The file opens without a username and password at work.  I do not recall ever enabling any security on the file, although long time ago I may have turned full admin privileges on and then off when I was trying to resolve a problem where Filemaker would not print records to PDF.


The file contains student grades, and I really need to be able to open it at home.  Any suggestions as to how I can fix it would be much appreciated.  I opened it at work and then tried to look under Manage/Security but was prompted for a username and password, so I suspect that there is some form of security enabled somewhere in there.