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    Hosted File Slow to Export Data


      I have a fairly simple database that I need to share with a small number of people who are all on different networks. It seemed like the solution was to simply pay for hosting services and get the file online. I'm testing a couple services and all seems fine until I attempt to export data from my database as an Excel file. The operation that takes just a minute or two on my desktop takes almost two hours with the file hosted online. The data we are exporting has 11 text fields and currently there are about 125,000 records.


      Are there other options to allow multiple people to remotely work on a database at the same time? Is there something I can change about how I'm exporting the data to make it go faster? We need to export data from this database on a daily basis.



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          Something else is going on. 11 simple text fields shouldn't be that slow. Do you have any summary or aggregate calculations (Sum, Count)? Are you pulling data from a related table?


          There are other options for getting the exported data. You can do this server-side (most of the hosting services offer server-side scripting; you just have to ask), and, if the resulting spreadsheet isn't too big, you can have the script email to whomever needs it. Another option would be to insert the spreadsheet into a container field in the database after it's created, from which you can later extract it with a client.


          But again, something funky is going on with the export. I'd look to that first.



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            I was pulling one field from a related record, and once I removed that the data exports at a completely acceptable speed. Thank you so much! That really saved me.

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              You’re welcome.


              Just FYI: This comes down to how FileMaker loads records. Whenever you request data from a record, the entire record has to come down from the server to the client. So if that related table has a bunch of fields, then the entire related record has to come down - even if you only need one field. If there are multiple records involved, then the delay involved can become substantial.


              If you only need one field, sometimes it’s worthwhile to use a lookup or script to copy the information from the related table over to the parent table for operations like this. It breaks normalization rules, but sometimes performance takes precedence.


              Glad it’s working better.