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Getting Sorted Data from a Related TO

Question asked by Malcolm on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by davidhead

I have three TOs that have simple equality relations based on IDs.



Multiple Choice Options

Option Resources


The multiple choice options table is the meta-data linking the question with the resources. The option resources are the images, etc,.


One of the fields in Multiple Choice Options is "Sort Order" and the relationship between Questions and Multiple Choice Options is sorted on "Sort Order". When I modify the sort order the correct result is displayed the portal.


However, when I skip past the Multiple Choice Options table and refer to Option Resources the Resources are returned without regard for Sort Order.


If I have three resource records labelled A, B, C and give them a sort order in the Multiple choice options table so that C is first, then A and finally B. When I look at Multiple Choice Options I see C A B. When I look at Option Resources I see A B C.


Is this the expected response? I had been expecting that the sort order in the multiple choice options table would mean that the linked resources came back in that order too.