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    Lock certain choices in a drop-down field


      First post, so I hope I'm doing this right.


      I'm creating a solution to handle my business forms. The solution is based on the starter solution Invoices. The solution handles quotes, invoices, price estimates, stuff like that. The way I've set things up is this:

      A customer might ask for a price on an item or several and the system will create a transaction document, with a specific ID-number, this number will then be the same throughout the whole process.


      The basics of a single transaction might look like this:

      Price estimate -> Quote -> Order -> Invoice


      Depending on the state the transaction different things can obviously be changed, but if the transaction is changed from an estimate to a quote, I should not be able to change it back to an estimate, and if I've made an invoice out of it, I shouldn't be able to revert it into a quote. You get the point.


      I'm using a single layout for the whole process of the transaction and the transaction state is changed with a drop-down field. So ideally the user would get a warning when changing the state of the transaction - "Do you wish to perform this action?" - and once changed the previous state would be removed from the list of choices.


      Is there a neat way of doing this?

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          Value lists. As far as I know there is know way to gray out a selection.


          Three ideas come to mind.

          Separate value lists for each layout with the previous selections removed.

          Dynamic value list using a calculated field.

          Show all options but use a script trigger to control the value that is actually able to be be set to the field. User gets a warning that they cannot go backwards In the process if they select it.

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            I would make the value list dynamic, showing only those values that are above the current one. To do that . . .

            I would put all the choices in a table with another field called "Value".

            Estimate = 10

            Quote = 20

            Order = 30

            Invoice = 40


            In the Transaction table, create a field called "ValueNow". In this field you want to store the value of the stage it is in. I'd do a script trigger that sets this Transaction::ValueNow to whatever the user just selected. For simplicity sake, I'd hardcode the values, but there are better ways to do it (Start with this being an auto-enter calc of 0 )


            Set up a relationship from transaction to Choices table. The relationship should be Transaction::ValueNow < Choices::Value. Create a value list based on this choices table, using related values only (picking the "Choice" field to show).


            This should allow you to see only those Choices which have a value that is greater than the current stage of the transaction.


            Ive attached a file to so you can see this in action.

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              Thanks a bunch, this seems to be a good approach to my problem, the attached example is also a great help!


              If I ever wanted to make certain options always available throughout the entire process, how might that look? Is there a way to merge value lists, and where one of the merged lists would have the excluding properties?

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                Thank you, I'm going with Jeremy's answer.


                However, the script trigger solution you mentioned to control the value set to the field, how might that look? I tried it myself before but I didn't get it to work the way I intended.

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                  Pardon the question, but is there a reason you are not keeping Estimates, Quotes and Invoices in separate tables, and hence retaining all in a linked series? To my way of thinking all have their place as historical data that has its place.

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                    Sure. You could create two value lists. One related, as I show in my example, and one showing all values.  Attach each value list to a different instance of the same "status" field  and hide one or the other depending on a flag.

                    Object 1  is Transaction::Status (with related value list)

                    Object 2 is Transaction::Status (with all value list)


                    Stack them on top of each other exactly.


                    You could put on your layout a "Flag Transaction" button. This would set a field (Transaction::Flag_ChangeStatus) to 1.

                    Now Hide each object above if a certain condition is true:

                    Object 1: hide if Transaction::Flag_ChangeStatus = 1

                    Object 2: hide if Transaction::Flag_ChangeStatus ≠ 1

                    When a user wants to get all the values, they press the Flag button and it sets the flag field to 1. That hides the field object with the related value list.