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FMPA 14 showing wrong image in container

Question asked by sprynmd on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by TSGal

I have a simple one-table flat file I created in FMPA 13 as an icon library.  It has 153 records with each record having three containers (images) and some text fields.  It is a local file (not on a server).


When I open the file on my Mac with FMPA 14 then start scrolling through the list, some containers show the wrong images.  The wrong images are from other records.  Different actions cause the images to change to the correct image:

• Select the bad row (by clicking on it or cmd-arrow-down to the row)

• Scroll the bad row off the bottom then back on

• Omit a record above or below the bad row

I even had one row change to a different wrong image before finally showing the correct one.


The problem is pretty consistent.  Even after I get all the records showing correct images, if I close the file and reopen it the bad images are back.  There does seem to be some randomness as to which records are bad, but there are always some.


I recovered the file, cloned empty then imported the data, and I still have the same trouble.  I also restarted FMPA 14 and rebooted my computer with no change.


Opening the same file with FMPA 13 has no problems at all.


I would attach the file, but the images are purchased with a copyright.



This is what I see when I first scroll the records into view.  The second row is supposed to look like the first row but in green.  Instead it has planes from another row.  The fourth and fifth rows are supposed to look like row three but in green and white.


This is what I get by just clicking on each bad row once:


My configuration:

• MacBook Pro Retina

• OS X 10.11.1

• FMPA 14.0.3

• FMPA 13.0v5


Any thoughts/suggestions?