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    Logging FMServer


      Is there a way for Filemaker to output any of it's server logs to a syslog server on the network?


      I was able to find this help article, but there's no info on syslog.

      Tracking activity in log files in FileMaker Server | FileMaker

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          you can write a system level script that will copy the contents of the filemaker logs folder to a remote location.


          For instance, you can add a text file called copy.bat to the scripts directory under C:/Program Files/Filemaker Server/Data/Scripts/ that has a powershell script of:

          robocopy "C:\Program Files\Filemaker Server\Logs" "\\syslogserver\logs" /MIR


          This will mirror anything from the filemaker server logs directory over to a network machine called "syslogserver" into a "logs" shared folder.


          Then you set up a schedule in the filemaker server control panel that runs that copy.bat system level script at whatever interval you want.

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            Thanks for the idea Mike.  I'm running an OSX system and was wondering if there was a way to integrate it with syslogd.