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    Hide condition changes do not commit when saving layout in 'background' window


      Product and version FileMaker Pro 14.0.3

      OS and version OSX 10.10.5

      Description If a floating document window is open, editing a non-floating window, changes to object hiding do not commit if using the "Specify Calculation" dialog

      How to replicate

      - create script to open a new window (Floating document)

      - trigger that script from the main window

      - move the floating window aside and go into edit mode on the main window

      - select an object and click on the pencil button next to the "hide" field in the Inspector to open the "Specify Calculation" dialog

      - enter a hide condition, e.g. 1=1, and close the dialog

      Expected results:

      - The hide field on the inspector should show 1=1

      Actual results:

      - The hide field on the inspector is greyed out and blank (or if the hide field previously had something, it shows the previous value)


      - Close the floating window and try again, or

      - Type the hide parameters directly into the box on the Inspector


      I initially thought this had to do with the fact that I was using comments in the form /* example */ in my hide parameters but later realized that no changes were being saved.