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    Being Spammed, Big Time, for FileMaker "Leads"


      I am receiving lots of spam e-mail messages offering to sell me "leads" of registered FileMaker users. They come from different e-mail addresses each time, all of which appear to be bogus. (If you reply, asking them to take your name off their list, your request bounces back).


      The only copies of FileMaker I license are those I get by being an FBA member. So, these people appear to have either gotten a hold of FileMaker's records of these sales or its database of registered users. (Though, of course, if the leads they are offering to sell could also be bogus).


      It seems to me that FMI should be doing something about this, to protect the privacy of its customers and developers like me who allow our business contact information to be published on its web site.

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          Welcome to the internet? Honestly, filemaker's "find a consultant" directory is public. There would be little to be nothing that filemaker inc can do about people harvesting your info out of the search pages and spamming you to death from it. As you noted, once your on a list, that's most likely passed around to hundreds of different places, making it impossible to remove yourself. Marketers have nothing but time on their hands to comb professional directories and harvest info.


          I've received the emails too, duplicates in some cases to different emails I have. There are definitely keyword chains you can write rules on to mark them as suspicious or redirect to your spam folder. Even with the spam, I don't recall ever receiving more than maybe 5 per week. Certainly nothing meriting a call to FMI, or suspect that someone has hacked my info from FMI or someone from FMI maliciously gave out my contact info.


          It took me 10 seconds to look up your info, get your phone number, physical address, contact name, and email address. If you don't want this info listed and public, talk to FMI and update your FBA listing. You can setup anonymous email accounts and phone numbers easily, and even go as far as PO Boxes if you need.


          Perhaps you should purchase the list and release it here? It's probably just some list they got crawling around the internet for filemaker developers, or it's seeded fake data. I highly doubt it's any of FMI's legitimate licensee lists.