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How to resume a paused script?

Question asked by jdevans on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by fabianf I have a script that runs on a button click. After a few things, I want to show a new window (not a Show Custom Dialog, because one of the fields must be a drop-down list). I have that working. But I want the script to pause indefinitely until the user enters data into the fields on the new window ( a modal dialog by the way). Then continue on once they click either OK or Cancel on the modal new window. Basically I want the new window to behave exactly like a Show Custom Dialog box with User inputs. The only difference being one of the fields on the new window is a drop-down list showing a Value List.



Here's what I have


Stuff leading up to showing the new window...

New Window [Style: Dialog; Name: "Pop-out Window"; Top:200; Left: 300]

Go to Layout ["Pop-out Window" (Verification Master Records)]

Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely] ///does this need to be here?


Next I want a second script to run when the user selects "OK" button on the "Pop-out Window" layout. The second script is called "Pop-out OK button"


On the button bar setup dialog, there is a setting for Pause Current Script. How does that play into this? Would I be better off not using a button bar, and just standard single buttons instead?


Then I have a third script in the event that the user selects the Cancel button called "Pop-out Cancel button"


I have read about a mysterious Resume Script step. I have FM14 Advanced, and haven't found it. Do you have to re-use Pause/Resume Script? Does Pause/Resume Script work to turn the script back on once paused?


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