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    Not a FM problem, but FM users could experience this issue (Mac)


      Here's the run down:


      My mac Mac OS 10.11.1 (I must have had FM Server on this Mac at one point)

      Connected to Mac 10.11.1 (Server)


      On the Server – an alias on the desktop, which points to the folder:

      /Library/FileMaker Server/Data

      accessing this folder on the server opens the folder just fine.


      On my local Mac, I connect to the server:

      Connect to Server (command K)

      Go to Network

      Select Server           

      Open my Server home directory

      Open my Desktop Folder

      Open the Alias

      What opens is:

      /Library/FileMaker Server/Data

      ON MY LOCAL COMPUTER!! Not the Server!

      You would expect that the alias opens the folder on the server, not your local volume, but NO, it does NOT. The filepath is the same as the local volume, so it opens from the local volume.


      BE AWARE OF THIS ISSUE, because for a moment there, I though all my FM files where gone from the server!!