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    Multiple portals on a layout problem


      I have a layout utilizing the slide control to display a few different views. It is an invoice layout, the first displays the basics in a non-edit portal and the second displays costing, etc in an editable portal. Both sections have a portal with similar fields. The second portal just has a few sensitive fields as noted above whereas the first portal does not.

      My question is this; I have a script that enters info into the portals and the step that I have trouble with is 'Go to portal row' (last). It always takes me to the first portal and not the second one. Can this be fixed?

      I have tried naming each portal and using the Go to object but it does not help. Is their a way to put this into a calc for the go to portal row (use calculation)?


      Any help would be great,



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          I use the method you described, where I name the portal object, and go to the object before going to last portal row. I can testify that that should work. Are you sure there's not another step we're missing from your description? Are you sure the portal object is named exactly as it is in the go to object script step?


          Chris Cain