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A few starter questions

Question asked by cis4life on Oct 29, 2015
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I've been looking over FileMaker and it looks good for a set of projects that we will need to setup (basically field data collection via mobile devices).  I have a few questions that I couldn't really find answers for straight forward on the site.


1.) If I purchase the developer subscription, I know if comes with the development server, but does it also come with FileMaker Pro Advance to actually build the solutions or is that a separate purchase?


2.) If we host a production FileMaker server, do we have to purchase the concurrent lic for each iPad / iPhone that connects, or is that something that our customer has to purchase to attach to their iPhone / iPads?


3.) If our file maker solution connects to an external SQL or MySQL server, do we still need FileMaker Server to utilize this type of project and do we still need a concurrent lic. for each iPad that pulls and push data to our external SQL server?


Thanks, for any answers you all can provide,