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Re-organising remote container data

Question asked by ERomanov on Oct 29, 2015

Hi all,


I have a bit of a scenario which - hopefully - is simple enough to resolve.


Original set-up: Users upload files to a container field stored in a record. Container field is pointing at a single remote storage directory. Files uploaded to different records all end up in the same folder. Anyone examining the folder does not know which record the file belong to.


Desired set-up: Uploaded files are organised into sub-folders using a record identifier (e.g. order number), so that people looking in the directory can find the file easily.


Question: is there a painless way to reorganise the files into sub-folders, as described above? For example, if I define a remote storage directory via a calculation that appends an order number to the pre-defined base directory path, will Filemaker create the directory for me and move files there?


Thanks for your help in advance!