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Change in ESS DSN Source File Name Does not Trigger Update in Source File Name

Question asked by PeggyConant on Oct 29, 2015

I have been researching an issue that  would suggest that FileMaker does not have a mechanism for repointing itself if an ESS File name is changed to point to a different version of a  an ESS data source that mirrors the original data source file in all ways.  If anyone knows a smooth work around for getting FileMaker to point to the correct shadow tables that doesn't involve having to create new Table occurrences for each of the existing TOCs to make them point to the new file, I would be very grateful.


What I am doing:

I want to be able to connect to two different MySQL database (Dev and Prod).  While the Names of the databases that I want to point to are different, the schema is the same, as is the log in user name and stored password.


How I have my DSNs set up:

On each of my FM servers (Dev and Prod) I now have only one DSN pointing to the respective Dev and Prod MySQL database.  In this case, for better or worse, both Dev and Prod MySQL files are hosted on a single MySQL server. Using a SQL query tool, I have verified that the DSNs are set up properly to view the data in the respective files, and yet my Prod FileMaker instance is still pointing at the MySQL dev tables!


It may confuse the issue some that my user name and password is the same for both, but it seems highly problematic that pointing to a new FileName doesn't somehow kill my ability to automatically connect to the Dev MySQL file on that server.  I have even successfully updated data on my DEV MySQL tables using that Prod DSN connection.  Fortunately, I haven't yet done the reverse accidentally but would be easy to do if I were to get my Prod version to connect to the correct file and then were to migrate a copy of my Prod FM file to my Dev server. 

It seems like the File Name itself is managed behind the scene with the ESS connection.  If there is some undocumented way to update an ESS File Name  without blowing away all the connective tissue here, I would be so grateful to know about it.