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    PDF Email 800 error?


      The topic has been covered in the forum, but not for some time, and not on Filemaker 14, so please excuse the duplication.


      I have a management system that requires the generation of quotes, invoices and statements – as PDF's that then get emailed.


      In all three cases, the script goes to a related list of the line items, sorts them and then generates the PDF. All three scripts have been working perfectly, without hitch for over 8 years.


      I have now, for various reasons, moved the system to a Filemaker Server (Filemaker Server 14). In order to keep the scripts slick, the PDFs are saved to the servers's temporary folder (Get (TemporaryPath) from which they are retrieved for emailing.


      The quoting script and statement script work beautifully, however, for some reason, the invoice script will simply not work, returning an [800] error (File cannot be written to this disk…).


      I have:

          1: pared the script down to the most basic actions,

          2: duplicated the working scripts and replaced only the pertinent fields and references,

          3: run the debugger (and yes, the script fails on the "write PDF" command)

          4: checked permissions. I am logged in with full permissions

          5: checked that the calculation for the path returns text (rather than numbers).


      Get ( TemporaryPath ) &  "/" & CostEstimateNumber & ".pdf", WORKS

      Get ( TemporaryPath ) &  "/" & InvoiceNumber & ".pdf", from another table DOES NOT WORK

      Where CostEstimateNumber and InvoiceNumber are simple alpha numeric text fields (e.g. CE4325 and INV2345 respectively.


      It seems even a simple PDF directly from that table will not write.

      Is there anything I should look out for - field restrictions, naming conventions, I must have missed something…

      Any ideas welcome, we are hamstrung without s solution.

      Cheers and thanks in advance.

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          I have just posted this and then solved the problem (after several hours of trauma)


          Perhaps worth keeping the post up for reference?


          The solution lies in the path calculation field.


          The storage should be set to "Do not store calculation results -- recalculate when needed" … (indexing completely off).


          Works perfectly now.