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    Fill Down


      Is it possible to fill down in Filemaker 14 ?

      I want to save typing lots of data which is the same as in previous records.


      In the old program I used (MS Works) I could use fill down like a spreadsheet. en


      I enclose a screenshot of this.




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          I was not sure from your example which field your are citing as an example.  Look at REPLACE FIELD CONTENTS.  It may do what you want.

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            Thanks for your reply

            I will look at Replace field contents as you suggest.


            Looking at the example -

            a new record contains DIFFERENT "field number", "Ha", "Crop Code"

            but SAME  "chem 1","rate 1","chem2","rate 2" etc

            Rather than type each of these many times I would normally type in the different data

            and then use fill down for common data in a spreadsheet environment


            Thanks again


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              replace will work on ALL found records, not just the next values.


              Here are some other suggestions:


              1. Check on the definition of fields that may need this feature:


              (in Options, under the Auto-enter tab)

              (check) Value from last visited record


              I use this for the feature that it is. Any new record will automatically fill in the previous value for that field.


              2. IF you don't want this always turned "on" for the field, you can also use the shortcut (or menu item under Insert):


              Information from the last visited record

              (mac)     Command+' (apostrophe)

              (win)          Ctrl+' (apostrophe)


              These are listed under the General keyboard shortcuts per platform in FM help.


              I think of this as a "ditto" from above. It will save some time when you need it and work on the field you are in, so can be used with several fields as you tab (or mouse) into them.


              This works when you are IN a record and then create a new record, values are from the last active record before creating the new record, so you can find a record you want to "duplicate" then use the short-cut.


              You might look at the "Information from the last record and move to the next field" shortcut too!


              3. then there is Duplicate Record if you have many fields that need to be the same in the next new record and it saves time to just change the few that might be different.



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                Many Many Thanks

                I will try all these very useful tips as I want to fill in as I am generating new records.


                Thanks again