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How to write a script that checks for birthdates (entered as YYYY-MM-DD) in one field across 1500 records, and if the date is tomorrow - it will send ME an email. Possible?

Question asked by OperaFan on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by OperaFan

I have written a script that checks a DUE DATE field and if it matches today's date -  sends me an email reminder saying payment is due. I am now trying to write a script that checks one field for a date (entered as YYYY-MM-DD) and if the field date is tomorrow, the script will send me an email reminding me that it is someone's birthday tomorrow.


I think the difficulty is in checking the date? I won't have any results if the year is not 2015 because it is not a perfect match. I would appreciate any suggestions. TIA.