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Script Workspace No Comment Wrap?

Question asked by AjEGfmTech on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by realgrouchy

I really like the improvements to the Script Workspace in FM14 - good job FileMaker!


What boggles my mind is that even with all of the improvements, the Script Workspace STILL does not text wrap comments? I have used FileMaker for years but still consider myself a 'beginner' FM developer. I have worked in a lot of other coding environments, but FileMaker is the ONLY one I can think of that does not text wrap ALL of the code?


If you enter any comment that is longer than the width of the Script Workspace window, the ONLY ways you can view it later is to...

  • Select the comment, make it editable and copy/paste it into another app
  • OR
  • Select the comment, make it editable and use your arrow keys to move through the comment text.


That seems ridiculous to me?! The new Script Workspace even has line numbers, so it would easily show when/where multiple lines of a comment end and a new line of code begins (in case that was a reason for not letting comments wrap?).


So why is it? What am I missing? The calculation window wraps comments, every other code editor I've ever used wraps everything, comments included. Why is it that Script Workspace seems intent on making the viewing and editing of comments so tedious and cumbersome?