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How to find based on multiple criteria from a single table

Question asked by gcardin on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2015 by gcardin

Let say I have a Database with 2 different tables in it for a pizza restaurant. The main layout will be called "Menu" and the other one will be called "ingredients" and contain all possible ingredients. The second layout will serve as a list. In the Menu layout, user will enter every type of pizza they have. My client wants a layout where he can find pizza based on two different things, type of crust and ingredients (multi choice, maximum 3 choices at the same time based on the same "ingredients" table).


I am trying to have a popup window with 3 dropdown list in it where user can choose three different ingredients based on my single "ingredients table list".


I can't figure how to do that. I think I would need to use some general variables?!?