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    tabs in web direct


      Somehow a definition (css) of a tab in filemaker 14 has stopped showing in web direct.  Unfortunately it is in our theme which is constant through many files.  Nothing seems to fix it even though changing to another theme fixes it.  I have created a new tab in another file using a different theme and pasted it into a file.  No luck.  Deleting any tab definitions and creating a new one does nothing.  Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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          If you have Advanced, DDR will show the CSS, then check which is the problem.

          There are deprecated theme, but I don't know some theme can't used in WEBD. It may be better to report as issue.

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            I don't know if it is the same issue but I recently had a case (which tech support/development are aware of) where my tabs were not rendering properly in WebDirect.  In my case I had tab control on a layout that was using the default style for tabs & my theme also had an additional style for tab controls (I had started with one of the standard themes & customised it so I had my own custom theme).  Even though the layout was not using that additional style, I found that if I deleted the additional tab control style my default style rendered correctly.  In my case that additional style was there for legacy reasons & I was able to get rid of it so I didn't dig into what in that style might be breaking things.  I suggest you create a new file & import your theme into it.  Then try deleting tab styles from the theme & see if they solve the issue.  If it does, report it as they'll then have two instances of the same issue to check.




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              I have tried many things.


              Import the theme from an older file that worked.

              Deleted the tab definition and re-created it.

              Deleted the tab from the layout and re-created it.

              Created a new tab definition in the theme with the same look.

              Created a new tab definition with a totally different look.

              Created a new file using the Theme and created and copied a tab from that new file.

              And a few other things.


              I am disappointed that the css code is so locked down in FM14 that you cannot ever see if that is where the problem lies.  At this point I am using another Theme definition in the same file and S  L   O   W   L   Y....  making changes to reflect the trashed Theme.  Once done I will change the Theme and hopefully be done with this bug.


              Not being able to at least view the css involved is bad design on FM part.  If FM relies heavily on css we should have the tools necessary to handle problems.  Do they think the system is so good it will never break??

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                Have you tried removing tab styles from the theme?  For me this was the crucial step that showed where the problem was.


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                  I experienced something similar in WD, FMS 14.0.2: Fields on layouts became totally unresponsive after publishing in WD and there was no way to fix it than to delete and recreate them on the incriminated layout. Had to do this twice.




                  This did not happen again since we moved to FMS 14.0.3. Which server version do you use?

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                    The layouts in question did not have tab controls. I removed everything accessible in the inspector, also script triggers and cond. formatting but nothing brought the boxes back to live.