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    Startup screen


      Hi guys,

      I am developing a personal solution, which I would add a startup screen, small and centered with a small info and the name of this app, but although I already working, always opens a blank window in the upper corner left. I followed all the scripts and seems all right but the happy blank window keeps coming.

      Any suggestions that allows me to avoid this problem?

      Thanks in advance.


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          Markus Schneider

          you can't have a 'splash screen' that pops up while the solution is starting - there is only the FileMaker splash screen


          but You can define a layout hat serves like that, controlled by a script

          - define that script via trigger 'first window open' under the file-options

          - the script goes to Your 'splash-screen-layout', waits a few seconds a then goes to the menu or whatever layout You'd like

          - on a Mac, You can specify that layout to appear in a seperate window, centered on the screen, without any controls. This looks quite like a splash screen, on windows, all FileMaker windows will be placed inside the aplocation's main window, but the rest is the same

          - using the 'window' script steps, the splash-screen can be placed centered

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            Benjamin Fehr