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    product ideas - missing sort

    Markus Schneider

      first, I would like to say a 'big thank You' for this new forum!


      when looking for newest entries, one is out of luck - when opening, it seems to be sorted by the most answers, no chance to get the latest entries first.

      I mean, I don't care (in this particular forum) for the latest activity, I'm interested in the latest additions...


      since there is no way to jump to the latest _thread_ and the navigation (that tiny thing with the tiny arrows...) doesn't have a 'first' nor a 'last' page, it's somewhat annoying...

      and, btw. Did one kind soul ever enter a new posting here on an iPad? One has to scroll down more than one page to find the 'post' button (assuming, one writes in landscape screen and with the glass keyboard..)



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          HI Markus,


          When you want to see content sorted by creation date, always go to the "Content" tab for the area in question.


          The "Discussions" header on the home page is a link that goes to the top of the Content tab, for example.


          I didn't want to do this for the "Suggest an Idea" link because the Overview page gives some guidance about the space.


          Here's what to do:


          1. Click on "Suggest an Idea"
          2. Click on "Content"
          3. Change the sort drop-down to "Sort by date created: newest first"




          (Image removed)

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            Markus Schneider

            did that - did not change the sort, my own created posting was still on the last page... then, I wrote the posting

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              Markus Schneider

              what will help is entering the sort in the url - that sort pop-up looks different, but that's maybe iOS


              in my screenshot, it shows sort by date created, newest first - but it's Vince's posting at the top, screenshot from today, Oct. 30 ( Vince's posting is from Oct. 27 - but the last activity is from Oct. 30 - not the posting)





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                Markus Schneider

                btw. Why does Intex in Your scrennshot show as *****? (I know what person is behind 'Intex' - that name is shown when I'm in that list...)

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                  Admin users need take care of putting their screen to others

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                    You're absolutely right. I've removed the screenshot now, my apologies. I try not to say "Hi (person)" when responding to posts, but forget about screenshots. That's a Jive issue I struggle with -- wish it showed me the same username/name preferences that it does for everyone else. Not much upside to my seeing something different here.

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                      Hi mark,


                      I am also of the opinion that the product ideas area NEEDS to be sorted by default in newest first  order.


                      Every time I come back to the Ideas area I see the same old popular entries and have to then resort to see the new (activity) stuf



                      The reason it needs to be sorted into newest first order by default, is so that the ideas area is always presenting new and refreshing ideas. The current default order leads to a very stagnated feel of the area, where one misses a lot of the new ideas.


                      Is it possible for you to change this permanently? I mean so that new users coming to the Ideas area don't have to change a settings.




                      MrWatson of Günther Business Solutions GmbH

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                        Markus Schneider


                        important: Sort by last addition, not sort by last activity

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                          The sort is working for me on Mac OS X 10.10.5, Safari 9.0 -- so I assume this is a bug in Jive's iOS client. We can take it to Jive Support if you like, just let me know.


                          Regarding a default sort, I cannot set up the screen to sort a certain way by default except by adding a custom link where the sort criteria are coded into the link. Due to the legal requirements around the Product Ideas area, I can't change the link on the home page to go directly to the Content area in this way.

                          The "Recent Ideas" widget on the Overview page only sorts by recent activity.

                          The option left to me is to provide a link on the Overview page:  "View ideas by creation date".  It saves you one click -- not sure if it's worth cluttering the interface for this, but I'll leave it in place for now.

                          Cheers --


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                            Hi mark,


                            no - I'm using MAC OS El Capitan ... every time I go back to the Ideas page it is sorted by points.


                            You are welcome to come see via TeamViewer, if you wish.

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                              Unfortunately, I don't have control over that behavior. What I can offer is the "View ideas by creation date" link that I placed on the Overview page. If that is not taking you to the Contents page and sorting the ideas by creation date descending, I can report a bug about this to Jive.


                              But if you're looking for a more convenient customization than this, I don't believe it's available.


                              Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.05.26 AM.png

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                                The View ideas by creation date button is great!


                                It does get you started in the right order .... but as soon as you have looked at one idea and then click the Ideas button in the bread crumb you are back to sorted by score:


                                Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 16.03.12.png



                                Is it not possible to make the setting sticky? I mean, if you arrive via the View ideas by creation date button, then navigate to  an idea, when you return to the Ideas page the sort order should remain as it was.


                                If that is not possible (which would be a shame) is it possible to change the BREADCRUMB link to Ideas, to reset the sort order to newest first?

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                                  Getting crossed messages here


                                  If reporting a bug to jive can lead to a fix for the problem, that would be great!


                                  Do you agree, that 'sorted by score' is not the best order to bring vitality and action into the product ideas area?

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                                    I agree that "sorted by score" is not the best order -- but Jive won't consider this a bug.


                                    My strategy for navigating as quickly as possible in Jive is to right-click off of most lists, opening a new window for each document I want to view or edit. Then I close the second window when I'm done viewing the content.


                                    I don't know if this will suit you, but it saves me a lot of time because I'm not waiting for Jive to reload pages.


                                    And in this case, it preserves the sort order as well, because I only query for the list once.  Of course, you might want to refresh the window periodically to see if new content is showing up.


                                    I started doing this because even when you use the Back button in the browser, sometimes Jive forces a reload of the page.


                                    Hope this helps -- a little --



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