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Extreme Server wait times on Windows Server

Question asked by Paul Jansen on Oct 30, 2015

First here is the setup....


VMware virtual server 10GB RAM, 3 processors, 6 'cores'

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

FMS 13 single machine deployment

Typically 15 pro clients mostly LAN, but 1 or 2 WAN

0 to 15  xml WAN clients through WPE varies through the day. mostly very small text data incoming, but periodically uploading files in to externally stored containers (typically 10-100KB) using base64 encoding and html POST running a FileMaker script to decode and create the record.


Mostly wait times are very low or zero, but periodically, shoot up to several seconds and occasionally 20+ seconds.   There are times when we just get the occasional spike, but others when spiking occurs every few minutes.




Network, IO and CPU on server all normal with no corresponding spikes.   IT report no spikes on network.


I thought the slowdown might be related to the file uploads, but the vast majority of uploads complete with no change to wait times and the first of the spikes shown here do not correspond to file uploads.


My question....


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can identify what is causing these excessive wait times.




Paul Jansen